We think it's very understandable that busy people get caught up in the things that they read in the newspapers and see on the television every day, including Gotham City News.  It is time now, we believe, to take stock of all of the information and knowledge received and stand back and look at these things in more fundamental and above all in longer term horizons and perspectives.

Most of us are guilty of looking but not really hearing or comprehending what is actually coming at us. We all now  must focus on that which is most important -- ourselves, our families, our loved ones -- and prepare for coming events; that includes those of us who have worked diligently here at Gotham City News to keep you informed.

Gotham City News will be taken down Friday, December 18, 2009.  If there is any information on the website you care to copy, please do so before the deadline. The home page will remain in tact, as will the survival preparedness page, as it is ultimately survival we must all now concentrate on not just for ourselves, but also for our families and our loved ones.


Peace be with you.

Editors, Gotham City News


Steve Quayle interviews Greg Evensen, an award winning former Kansas State Trooper and Kansas Marshall.

Click on the 12/3 interview http://soundwaves2000.com/survive2thrive/