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The Government Controls the Church

There is no Separation
Between the Church and the State

It's a Myth, It's Judicial Tyranny

1. God and his Church are forbidden to marry couples without government permission.
2. The Church minister is not allowed to marry couples without permission from government. Churches do not allow their ministers to marry people without permission from government. The minister must obtain a 'permit document' from government first.
3. Anyone the government designates and approves can 'marry' couples.
4. In addition to letters, signatures and other proof, in Virginia the church minister must swear an oath in front of government representative  before he can obtain a 'permit' to perform a marriage in a Church.
5. Couples must obtain a 'marriage license' before the minister or anyone else is allowed to marry them.  In Virginia the license costs $33.00, cash only. The celebrants are required by government to furnish and prove social security numbers, for government tracking before the government approved license is issued.

Under government law, the church minister becomes a 'special agent of government' when he is granted by government a permit to marry people and when he signs the marriage document for the married couple he signs as a representative of government.  Immediately the married couples tax status changes. If he were only performing as a church minister their tax status wouldn't change.  He does not perform the first ceremony acting as a church minister, he performs the ceremony as agent of government.  If he is a minister agent of church, and a minister acting as an agent of government, where is the "separation?"

The Church Minister, employed by the Church is indeed a single active human representative of a trinity, the Church, God and  Government, all three in one human.  Clearly, all three agencies are represented combined, three entities become one, not separated.

7. If it were not so, the tax status of the married couple would not change as a result of his marriage ceremony and signature of the minister - but it does.  Both Federal and State Tax status is changed when the minister / agent of government signs the marriage document.
8. When the minister recites the verbal commitments and the couple agree to them during the ceremony, that becomes part of the legal contract but is never recorded as a document, probably because no one thought to do it.  
9. No one knows the legal terms of the marriage contract before the fact, but we know the marriage contract is with the judicial government, not necessarily between the two people. Without the government marriage license the judge and court would have no jurisdiction over the people or their property.
10. We see the vehicle document that transforms the minister into an agent of government but we do not see a document that removes that obligation from the minister. He surely continues to be an agent of government under the law.
11. The Tax status of the Church property is determined by the government.
12. The Tax status of the Church money is determined by the government. The Government can shut the Church down by changing its Tax status.  In some states speaking against the government is forbidden.  
13. Labor of Church employees is taxed by government.
14. The occupancy of the Church building is government controlled and regulated.
15. Church pays a government tax on utilities.
Many Churches have two ceremonies - a civil government ceremony and a church ceremony.  But clearly, all Churches are required to  have the civil government ceremony first.
17. Most States have forms of laws called 'Doctrine of Necessaries.' These laws allow hospitals to confiscate spousal property through the marriage contract even though the other spouse never owned the property.  Thousands of houses are confiscated from people every year as a result of the government marriage contract document. Hospitals place liens on property at court houses and let the interest run for years - then they take the property.  People are always surprised. The risk and odds get greater the older people become.

All States are generally the same legally with some variations. Until recently in Virginia churches were not companies, churches were not corporations, and after five years of research we are not able in many cases to answer the question, "What is a church under the law in Virginia." We queried churches, the governor's office, Virginia Department of Taxation, State Corporation Commission, the Virginia Attorney General's Office, the Virginia Senate and other state and federal agencies. They all said, "We don't know." The best answer came from the legal department of the Virginia State Corporation Commission, "It's always been a nebulous thing."

For years churches in Virginia were forbidden by law from being corporations. Recently, Jerry Falwell Ministries sued the State of Virginia and won. Now churches are allowed to structure and register as corporations with a non-profit tax status. They are under the government corporation umbrella. Most churches in the United States are now corporations controlled by government.

19. After six years of research into this matter, I know, there is no separation between church and government, they are almost one. The Government controls every aspect of the Church and people completely.